The Cheap Chick Reading Challenge 2015

reading challenge
Everyone knows that homeschoolers read, and read a lot. Or at least that’s one of our stereotypes. And I am no exception. I read. Every day. And all kinds of stuff, too. Mysteries, non-fiction, historical fiction, classics, essays, poems – you name it, I read it. (Except for romance novels. I can’t stand romance novels.) I typically unofficially participate in one or more of those yearly reading challenges that float around the internet every December and January. I put the question to the Facebook Cheap Chicks as to whether or not we, as a group, should have a reading challenge for this year, and got a favorable response. So after surfing through dozens of different reading challenges, we hit upon the idea of the Alphabet Soup Challenge. You simply read one book for each letter of the alphabet. Here’s the unofficial “rules” for our challenge:

Reading Challenge Unofficial Rules

1.) You must read one book for each letter of the alphabet.
2.) Your “letter” can come from either the first word of the title, OR the first letter of the author’s name (first, last, doesn’t matter.)
3.) A and AN can NOT count for the letter A and THE can NOT count for the letter T.
4.) You do NOT have to choose your titles before you begin. You can pick them up as you go along throughout the year.
5.) Once a month, there will be a blog post where you can post your progress with the challenge so far.
6.) You can involve your children in this and make it a part of your homeschool, if you like. However, no children’s books can count for YOUR challenge. We’re talking grown up books here, Chicks.

Reading Challenge Extra Challenge

To make the reading challenge a bit more of, well, a challenge for some of our more avid readers, here’s an added twist you might like to try:
Choose all your books from one genre or from one criteria.
Personally, other than mysteries, I don’t read a lot of new titles. I don’t know why, but I just don’t. So for me this year, my 26 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge books will all come from the “new books” shelves at our local library, or from Amazon. My self-imposed criteria is to only read books published in 2014 or 2015.

Want to Play Along?

If you’d like to play along and join the Cheap Chicks Reading Challenge for 2015 (our first, by the way), simply start reading. You can chime in in the comments below, if you’d like. Or you can run silent, run deep, and just keep score on your own. Watch for the monthly post, if you’d like to brag or bemoan your progress along with us. If you decide to challenge your kids, let us know about that, too. After all, we are homeschoolers and this is reading we’re talking about!

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